Director, ECT and Educational Leader

As a concert pianist, Anna has been performing and teaching from a young age. After having her children, Anna has given a lot of attention to the education of babies through languages, music and art. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Early Childhood, and is using her past experience in Europe and Asia to create a unique music education program for preschoolers. She has been able to focus on language/literacy, fundamental gross and fine motor skill development in young children through preschooler classes she runs in her music school: Appassionato Music Academy, and is keen to bring the same experience to the children in Growing Maestros.



STEM programmer

With over 20 years of teaching mathematics to high school students, Richard has seen first hand how a good foundation in logical reasoning is crucial to students' success in later years of schooling. He is now bringing this classroom experience in designing learning activities in Maths, Science and Technology for our preschoolers in Growing Maestros.

fred on piano5.jpg


Educational program tester!

Possessing a contagious enthusiasm, Frederick  has been an amazing asset for Growing Maestros. His warmth, creativity and drive makes him a great little consultant and a perfect fit for our program planning!




Diploma in ECE

I believe that as an educator my role is to maintain a safe learning environment and assist in the development and abilities of children. I hope to show them a sense of independence as well as empower them to have their own voice and make their own decisions. I would like to encourage them to explore and show interest in their environment, community and learning. My ultimate goal as an educator is to allow for children of all ages to explore their surroundings and learn at their own pace, thus achieving to the best of their abilities whilst feeling safe in their early learning setting. By following and supporting children’s interests and wants, I give them a stronger sense of belonging within the centre. It is also a great opportunity for children to learn, experiment and explore their care environment. 


Certificate III in ECE

It has always been my dream to work as a Child Care Educator. I am an individual who has undergone Certificate III of an Early Childhood Educator. I am very enthusiastic and I have a great amount of passion and care for children. I respect each child’s uniqueness and beliefs. I am bilingual in English and Mandarin. In addition to my Early Childhood Education and Care qualifications, I have a positive can-do attitude. I understand that an Early Childhood Educator plays an important part in the development of children, as I did with my now grown-up two children. I will help children build a foundation of mental, physical and social skills for a happy life.


Administration officer (Masters of Professional Accounting)

Elaine is multilingual and fluent in English and Mandarin. Very experienced in office duties with several degrees in accounting, Elaine will be the heart of the centre’s administration. She will be the smiley face to greet you, provide help with enrolment, CCS questions and any other concerns you might have regarding your child’s attendance with Growing Maestros. In addition, Elaine has a passion for healthy eating habits and will pass on her culinary interest to Growing Maestros’ families!