From parents and teachers at Appassionato Music Academy on Anna's teaching approach and experience:

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic classes that Jasmine's been attending for over a year now. They are so well structured, providing the perfect balance of variety and familiarity each week, so that she feels comfortable while at the same time developing her music appreciation and skills. The classes are obviously well planned with the age appropriate activities, so that each week builds on what they've learnt before.

It's been very rewarding seeing the progress she's made since starting the classes - from looking blankly at the piano when she first started, to now being able to play different dynamics, holding her fingers correctly and identifying / recognising certain piano keys. The homework tasks are easy to follow and Jasmine really enjoys them (when we get to them!) We look forward to the class every week!

Anne-Marie Dinel, mum of Jasmine

My two youngest sons have been attending group lessons for preschoolers with Anna Damayanti over the past two years. Each week Anna has created an environment that is educational and fun. I have been impressed by her creativity in teaching musicology. From laying ropes on the ground to represent the stave and asking the children to stand on the notes, to guiding them in correct hand placement on the keyboard, her creativity keeps them engaged.

I was amazed and delighted to see my preschool aged sons correctly writing notes on a staff - including the treble clef! Over each week their confidence grew as they became familiar with pitch and were able to take turns, along with the other children, in leading the singing, while Anna accompanied them on piano.

I particularly enjoyed watching (and sometimes participating in) lessons on tempo and dynamics. Anna beautifully accompanied the children on the grand piano while they either tiptoed slowly or galloped accordingly.

I have no hesitation in recommending Anna’s Preschool. She is a gifted educator and musician whose gentle but firm guidance is a wonderful combination. Music is a wonderful foundation for life skills and an asset for a preschool.

Meredith Bryan, mum of Flynn and Lachlan

My little one enjoys the playing and singing in Ms. Anna’s group classes. Anna encourages the kids' singing and dance in a very gentle way and she is really patient on the activities with kids. Love the energy in Anna’s class.

Shelly Gong, mum of Nerolli

Anna is incredibly organized and efficient in all aspects of running a music school. All the music rooms have always been well equipped and stocked. The rooms are also clean and neat, ensuring an ideal teaching / learning atmosphere. Anna is a fabulous teacher with years of experience and expertise in music education and most importantly a wonderful person and very easy to interact with!

Amanda Soares (LTCL, MA), piano teacher, 2015-2018

Truly inspiring, that's how I describe Anna. I worked for Anna as a Piano Teacher for about 7 years. I joined Anna with about 4 years of teaching experience and I must say over that time she took me to the next level as a teacher and person.

Anna was always willing to share her experience and guidance with me so each and every one of her students benefited. Her students' growth and development are an absolute priority. It was always the case of the teacher teaching the teacher. Anna encouraged me to develop my skills as a teacher and from that encouragement I completed the "Suzuki method" in teaching and continued my studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. I think Anna has the philosophy of "if my teachers are confident and skilled, my students will also be confident and skilled" and I think all of her teachers and students are a fantastic example of that.    

Leaving Anna was one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make because she was such a wonderful person and mentor. The most rewarding thought that I have is that I left all of my students in wonderful hands and I left a much better teacher and person.

Thank you, Anna, for your guidance and inspiration. It will always be valued.       

Joanna Li, piano teacher, 2010-2017

My son has enjoyed coming to Miss Anna's music classes for toddlers and preschool children. Although the youngest in the class, she accommodated his interests and engaged with him really well. She also didn't mind if he sat down and watched the other kids while they participated. I must admit as an adult I thoroughly enjoy her classes as well which motivates us all each week. My other children have started piano classes at her school which has also been going really well. Anna has enormous patience and has many ideas to bring music for the younger audiences.

Linda Brunet, mum of Nicholas, Genevieve and Patrick

I have been working with Anna at Appassionanto Music Academy for some years now and I am glad to have known her. She is a good professional and a really knowledgeable musician. I had the pleasure to see her interacting with some little students and I could enjoy her ability to make them play and learn music while having fun at the same time. Through the years, I could myself appreciate some hints she gave me that improved my teaching methods. She is a rare pearl not to be missed.

Luca Pipino, guitar teacher, 2017-2020